clean shower glass doors

How to Clean Shower Glass Doors?

How to clean shower doors is an important issue that many people may not know. The problem is many people do not take the time to properly clean their shower doors. The reason for this is most people just use soap and water when cleaning them. This can easily lead to unwanted buildup of soap scum in your shower area and this can make it very hard for you to get the clean shine that you want. You will also find that your skin can become irritated by using the wrong type of shower curtain cleaner. So, in order to keep your shower area looking great, learn how to clean shower glass doors.

As with everything else, there are definitely a proper way to wash shower glass doors and a bad way. There’s a certain art when it comes to how to clean shower glass doors properly and if you truly get the hang of it then you’d be pretty surprised at how simple it really is. The first step in proper cleaning is rinsing. You can either use warm water or just a normal dish soap. If you are using dish soap, simply mix it with some warm water in a bowl and then add in the magic eraser.

Once you have all of your supplies together, simply mix the soap scum from your hands into the bowl. Next, gently squeeze the magic eraser all over the glass area of the door. Then, rinse the entire area off and then grab some paper towels to dry them off in the sunlight. Lastly, wipe down the glass with a piece of paper towels to ensure there is no soap scum left over.

One of the most common ways on how to clean shower glass doors is to use vinegar. You will need to make a mixture consisting of one cup of hot vinegar and two cups of cold distilled vinegar. This mixture should be stored in a spray bottle, as it won’t do much good if you keep it in the refrigerator. Simply spray the solution on the glass area and leave it to soak for an hour. You should repeat this process until there is no more vinegar left. After soaking, remove the sprout, wash the glass in the laundry sink with hot water and rinse it off.

Another simple way on how to clean shower glass shower doors would be through using a rubber squeegee. To start off, you will need a clear rubber squeegee that can fit both corners of the shower stall. Using a rubber squeegee, soak the area with the cleaning solution, making sure that you wipe the solution off each time the squeegee is removed. Once all of the area has been soaked, simply put the squeegee inside the shower enclosure and leave to soak for an hour.

The last method on how to clean shower glass doors is to use soap scum. When cleaning soap scum from glass shower doors, it is important to remember to never rub the area, but gently wipe it off instead. Rubbing the glass with your finger or a soft cloth may result in scratches on the glass. If possible, use a sponge and only apply enough pressure to remove as much soap scum as possible. Rinse the glass off thoroughly and repeat this process until the soap scum is no longer present.